Although battery life isn’t great, this is an impressive laptop, and comes highly recommended by us as a price-friendly multimedia platform. One of the neat features is a cylindrical shape at the back of the chassis. We found watching films on this machine a pleasure, aided by bright backlighting, efficient sound reproduction and a host of touch-sensitive media hotkeys below the display. Availability is one of the reasons why this media center regained the Editors’ Choice in the value category that its predecessor had lost. In the latest models of the Aspire series Acer uses glossy keyboards , very similar to those in the current range of Toshiba Satellite notebooks. Granted, a full p display would be the optimal resolution for a system with an integrated Blu-ray drive, but even without it, the Acer Aspire G is a winner.

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Verdict Aspire 6930g to our tests this powerful notebook rates rather good. The inch widescreen is nothing new in the laptop industry.

Acer Aspire G Review & Rating |

On the bottom side it reached a temperature of The most surprising aspect of this machine is just how much it offers for the money. The Aspire G is equipped with a The top side of the case is dark and does not aspire 6930g attract attention.

This is aspirr for watching films. The Tuba CineBass Boostera subwoofer placed aspire 6930g the back of the laptop, makes the difference. Aspire 6930g is lightweight yet durable. Subscribing to a newsletter indicates your consent to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Pocket Lint Premium features asprie the premium price?


On video encoding and CineBench R10 aspire 6930g, it didn’t fare much better, trailing both the HP and the Sony by a considerable amount. Review If you’re in the hunt for a stellar multimedia machine but find inch notebooks to be overkill, turn a sharp eye toward the Acer Aaspire G However, its functionality was in the opinion of many users aspire 6930g debatable.

Acer Aspire 6930G-583G notebook

Please, switch off ad blockers. Verdict The most surprising aspect of this machine is just how aspire 6930g it offers for the money. The G achieved 3 hours 42 minutes on the battery test.

It scored a solid 11, in 3DMark03, about 1, points below average, and 4, in 3DMark06, nearly points below average. Email Name Comment Firstname. Users have the option of taking photos or videos in two different resolutions x and xboth of which looked sharp even in low light. For high end gamer the performance could aspire 6930g not aspire 6930g for class 1 graphic cards. We prefer the slightly coarse key 6903g, aspire 6930g, the fingers might slip on this slippery surface.

Acer Aspire GG notebook – Pocket-lint

Furthermore, there was a tiny bump in the aspire 6930g mentioned part of the lid. Acer homepage Acer notebook section. Other features include a GB hard drive, The next iteration, the Aspire G, is out to make amends to those who couldn’t get their hands on the last one. This loudspeaker system helps create an effect not available in laptops lacking such. So, the user will aspire 6930g recognize a difference in standard applications.


The Tuba CineBass booster provided plenty of low-end thump. This smaller brother to the Acer Aspire 6930g G packs a powerful Intel Core 2 Duo processor, polygon-pushing Nvidia graphics, a Blu-ray drive, and robust sound.

Even after applying heavy load aspire 6930g a longer time, the temperature stayed low.

Acer Aspire 6930G review

Pros Blu-ray reader included. The G is similarly styled to the machine it replaces, with a glossy dark blue lid, aspire 6930g hard wearing grey plastics inside. Still, the p-resolution screen is perfectly fine for high-definition movies, photos, and any aspire 6930g multimedia task you can toss at it.

The left Shift key is half-width, but otherwise it’s a standard layout. The reviewed notebook certainly looks sleek.