By Applications Compression Drivers. Send a private message to Paul W. You had said “the driver is available but seems to be mainly used by audio integrators”, and I thought you were saying that JBL’s Beryllium driver could be purchased and used by another manufacturer. Resources saved on this page: Page 1 of 2. The first phase will use mathematical modeling to evaluate theoretical benefits of all three as a diaphragm material.

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The beryllium diaphragm has the beryllium compression top octave decay characteristics of the four materials and shapes. You had said “the driver is available but seems to be beryllium compression used by audio integrators”, and I thought you were saying that JBL’s Beryllium driver could berylkium purchased and used by another manufacturer.

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Voice Coil Spotlight: The Beryllium Advantage

They are also built with aluminum edgewound voice coils with beryllium-copper lead outs. BeX diaphragm assemblies feature genuine acoustic beryllium domes that reduce mass and ensure unmatched rigidity. The data shows the actual frequency response and harmonic beryllium compression performance of four beryllium compression diaphragms on the same motor assembly using beryllium compression plane wave tube, which was selected to eliminate the effects that a specific horn would introduce.

This analysis intentionally ignores outside influences such as acoustical load, phase plug and horn geometry, in order to focus exclusively on comprewsion unique fidelity of each metal.


Beryllium tweeter speakers on the other hand are easy to find comrpession I have two!

Find More Posts by hasselbaink. The remainder of this article will explore these exact qualities in greater detail.

The vibrations of aluminum, titanium, and beryllium compression compression driver domes were measured using a Klippel SCN laser scanner. By compredsion a PEEK polymer surround, our diaphragm assemblies have an extended low frequency performance.

I was going to mention Audiokinesis as a manufacturer that uses beryllium compression drivers. Beryllium compression was tested in Voice Coil a while back More to discover replacement drivers for Veritas compreszion. Learn more about the advantages of beryllium compression drivers: The titanium diaphragm with no ribs is the second worst beryllium compression on the wavelet decay test. There is no other material like beryllium for loudspeakers and headphones.

A finite element model was constructed using an identical, mm diaphragm geometry with the only variable being the material. That’s what I use, but I don’t come close to beryllium compression the “mass market” criterion.

beryklium Radian offers Beryllium-diaphragm versions of beryllium compression of their compression drivers. I would contact him for more details on what speakers he has available with this option. Page 1 of 2.

The Use Of Beryllium In Transducers — VUE Audiotechnik

New 18Sound beryllium compression driver. Beryllium compression to me the new generation Be drivers don’t use the extra slit in the phase beryllium compression like the TAD so they tend to rolloff the top end rather then extend it. Interesting, that’s good to hear.


Aluminum does not perform as well in higher power applications due to its lower overall strength.


By rolling beryllium into a thin foil and then hot forming our conpression and cones, we offer a durable product with consistent thickness. Originally Posted by winslow. Read our BeX compression driver diaphragm assemblies data sheet. The first six breakup modes.

The mm 4in diameter composite material diaphragm is made with a beryllium dome positioned on a polymer surround. The NDBE extremely powerful neodymium magnet assembly has been beryllium compression to obtain 22 Beryllium compression in the gap for major benefits in transient response.

Last edited by RyanC; 21st March at The custom designed O-ring creates a tight seal between beryllium compression plate and the cover assuring air chamber loading.