I could live without the CNR slot but it is a shared slot so you’re not sacrificing anything to have it there. This is a great “anti-fiddling” feature often favoured by OEMs to stop buyers messing with things but for the regular user it’s a right royal pain in the ar posterior. This is where I got a little confused for a moment. While other companies are hyping their products out of all proportions DFI go quietly about their business and while you’re unlikely to find brightly coloured PCBs, futuristic North Bridge coolers or fancy accessories what you tend to get is a very stable board at a sensible price. RAID 0 works best with drives on separate channels. Softimage works on somewhat similar principle to After Effects.

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Despite the buzz amongst users it’s no great secret that most manufacturers are not especially excited about KT The question is what are you willing to pay. The AD77 Infinity is a dfi ad77 kt400 platform that fits specific needs.

No PCI based 5. No SATA cable included. IDE 1 and 2 only.

Review : DFI Ad77 KT motherboard

With everything in place there are a few other concerns. For those with less confidence when it comes to manually tweaking memory performance there’s the usual array of preset memory performance options.

Contact The Author Wayne. While in render mode the two test programs virtually bypass ram and GPU. With AGP 8X graphics cards still to make it to store shelves in quantity this leaves the KT with very little going for it at dfi ad77 kt400.

Beginners Guides Cases and Access. As you can see, the AD77 Infinity is quite plain looking – DFI were never into any fancy coloured PCB’s, they know that performance and stability are dfi ad77 kt400 more important then flash. No doubt we will see the big names doing this and charging a little extra for the privilege.

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DFI AD77 Infinity Motherboard

They may not be one dfi ad77 kt400 the big names in the motherboard business but I must admit to having a sneaky admiration for DFI. It is off to the lower left of the socket which means the power cable has to cross over top of the heatsink area or be looped dfi ad77 kt400 then down. If these features matter to you then you need to specify the AD77 Infinity not Pro.

Price when compared to boards with similar options. This is quite a step up for DFI and a statement that they’re kt40 to think seriously about moving things up a gear or two. Overall I find the motherboard layout to be fairly clean and tidy but not without faults.

Sign In Become an Icrontian. Right now it’s a first look at an early sample that’s being worked hard on behind the scenes and we should treat it as such.

In other words qd77 BIOS settings were standard as far as anyone can set dfi ad77 kt400 time and date, ensure the ram is 2 or 4 way interleave and at CAS 2. Quake III high quality. Chew each bite 32 times and always floss between meals.

Even this board is comparatively heavy on the jumpers and also features an increasingly rare CNR slot which betrays their tendency to always have OEMs in mind but this aside the approach is really dfi ad77 kt400 radical for DFI. Softimage works on somewhat similar principle to After Effects. Most of the jumpers are tucked away between slots and connectors and are a real bitch to get at without tweezers, unless you’re related dfi ad77 kt400 Edward Scissor Hands.


You want big drive space and ultimately the files stored on separate drives on a separate channel. Rendering, or the task of building and compiling frames, is mainly CPU intensive and After Effects generally bypasses dfi ad77 kt400 video card and relies solely on the processor for dfi ad77 kt400.

DFI AD77 Infinity Motherboard « Icrontic

The RAID IDE connector dfi ad77 kt400 best placed and would be better fitted at 90 degrees to its current position between the PCI slot lines or perhaps lay on its side facing out the side of the board at a push. Just above the Highpoint chip are troubleshooting LEDs. The BIOS is another area where DFI have ad7 significant improvements dfi ad77 kt400 clearly signal their intent to target this board at the enthusiast sector.

The BIOS settings were kept as close to conservative or default value. It is primarily a 2D application using imported graphics or digital footage or self generated effects. The ATX power dfi ad77 kt400 placement is sure to bring a few moans as is the number and position of the jumpers.