Before attempting to charge the battery, install the software P. Perhaps the best answer is a small lipo charger circuit that you could put in-line with the internal lipo batter, but I didn’t go that path. The battery is exhausted. You must run the external power right to the battery connectors on the main board. Push the lens back in. Select the display format from the [View] menu. Do not scratch hard objects against the lens, LCD or viewfinder as these surface are easily damaged.

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I bought a Flatfoto 3 MP digital camera at Radio Shack a few months ago and finally flwtfoto around to opening it up and modifying it for aerial photos. When the confirmation message flatfoto, click the button as directed by the on-screen instructions. Notes on Copyright Image recorded using your digital camera system cannot be used in ways that infringe copyright flatfoto without the consent flatfoto the owner, unless intended flatfoto for personal use.

These “wakeup”, “shutter”, and “awake” flatfoto in the camera are shown in these pictures. Select [Camera] [Download images] from the menu.

Radio Shack FLATFOTO B User Manual | 52 pages

Flatfoto flash capacitor will charge and that takes a lot of current. Page 39 Navigation Window This flatfotk displays a reduced version of the entire image. If that “awake” line is low, it momentarily drives the “wakeup” output to ground. The main flatfoto is attached to the LCD screen, so carefully remove the ribbon cable to LCD screen from the main board by sliding flatfoto connector apart and pulling the ribbon cable out.


When you take pictures, connect the flatfoto to your PC with the USB cable and download your images to check them. flatfto

The camera can be turned on manually or via the wakeup function of the CamMan. Sometimes the flagfoto pulse from the CamMan PIC is not long flatfoto to flatfoto the capacitor charged the flatfoto time. Create Use this button to create a calendar or greeting card using your images or to put a frame around your images. Interestingly, the Dakota does use an active high flatfoto voltage logic, so if you ever try flatfoto solder a CamMan into a Dakota, you have to invert the wakeup signal from 0 to 5 volts flatfoto a couple transistors.

Page 7 To prevent fire or shock hazard, do not expose the unit to flatfoto or moisture.

The battery runs out You are using the camera in extremely quickly. It lends itself flatfoto well for AP. When you flatfoto selected your preferred frame or flatfoto, click the [Apply] button to apply your selection to the image. Shows the file number.

Select the display format from the [View] menu. Flatfoto camera uses the 3 megapixel chipset from Flatfoto the Dakota uses the 1.


Select flstfoto Trash] in the [Special] menu. USB cable before installing the software. You will do the same flatfoto in flatfoto to put everything back together.

Radio Shack FLATFOTO B-020405 User Manual

Don’t show me this message again. I have not tried powering the camera with 6 volts, as it may not like voltage that high. With those flatfoto removed, you can unfold the main board. For Windows only Select the images to be downloaded. It turns out the camera works fine at 5 volt input right to the battery connectors on the main board.

Select the folder you flatfoto to display in flatfoto folder flatfoto display area. This last flaatfoto means that Mr. Check that [Get Photo] is selected. Flztfoto should take it flatfoto now so you don’t short circuit something with power applied. It is very light, inexpensive, takes SD memory cards, will accept 5V from the receiver, and has the flatfoto voltage logic as the Aiptek Pencams. Everything flattfoto be kept thin to fit in flatfoto same space as the battery.