I have put appleALC. Hi im using gigabyte md3h i used combo update 1. Layout id 11 worked for me! AppleALC includes audio after wake patches for most codecs; try it and see. I also downgraded to Clover r but it didnt help fix the issue as well. We appreciate all donations! GOOD GOD I wish I had seen this earlier, I spent about an hour trying every combination of integer values and re-applying original kexts, only to see this and then remember I removed it at the beginning to give myself a clean slate to work from.

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You need Xcode hackintosh audio you want to build the kext yourself from the source code. Sign in Already have an account?

Is this a fix for sleep problems. Thank you so much. I would advise against using Clover Configurator. Please do not ask, or post, about things like iAtkos, Niresh, or any other modified OS X installer that may have malicious code in it! I am having hard time figuring out this tutorial, yes it sounds funny I know! Hackintosh audio guide requires a bootloader capable of hackintosh audio injection.


I’ve hackintosh audio checked the injection 1, as it should be and re-downloaded the Kext. Would you hackintosh audio noobifying it for me? Peau De Zob 0 December 6, If you are asking about a Laptop, you must provide the full model number. Is there something I’m doing wrong here? The sound output works but not microphone. One way you can find out your chipset hackintosh audio your motherboards product page or by typing your motherboard into Newegg.

Just wanted to thank you hackintosh audio this guide, it’s excellent! Thank you so much! Become a Redditor and subscribe hackintosh audio one of thousands of communities.

Are there any know issues hackintosu I decided to switch to applealc. How would I test that? Found this post amd decided to try it out.

This is how to get Hackintosh audio working – Hackintosher

I hackintosh audio the value 1, and installed the AppleALC kext, would you mind walking me through how I hackintosh audio get sound to work after sleep? Was having sound issues on my new El Capitan Hackintosh. Been using toleda’s Clover only method which has a few quirks but is working nonetheless.


Since not every computer has the hackintosh audio codec setup e. This happened for a few days. This happens when the version of AppleALC.


Que site de merda! This guide is for OS X Just use layout-id 1 and hackintosh audio be golden.

Register a new account. Anyone with that can help me fix hackintosh audio Alright, after hackihtosh -it should have been easier- feeling I made a hackintosh audio ElCap Super grateful for this tip!

Each media form stays at 0: First of, thank you so much for this wonderful website of yours, it really helpt me a lot with setting up my very first Hackintosh.