With a form and design that never fails to please, your happiness can only grow as you take it in hand and begin to take pictures with it. One note – it rapidly depletes alkaline batteries so I would recommend using a lithium battery. If you press the Power switch more than two seconds, the Optio S turns into a voice recorder. The optional AC adapter might also useful for preserving battery power when reviewing and downloading images. A second press dismisses the histogram and information display, showing just the image area, and a third press disables the LCD monitor entirely. Low-Light Tests Stay tuned, I need to re-shoot my low-light tests

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In this buying guide we’ve rounded-up several great cameras for shooting landscapes, and recommended the best.

Pentax Optio S – Ultra compact: Digital Photography Review

A handy feature, as this is a very frequently used setting, in my experience. Does sensor size still make a difference?

The small size and smooth case design pentax optio s make it a little difficult for larger hands to hold onto, although an included wrist strap will provide some security if it slips through your fingers. Pentax optio s 29, camera news. The OptioS also features infinity-landscape mode, which is z for shooting expansive outdoor scenes and even achieves pleasing focus when shooting through windows.

PENTAX Pentax OptioS Optio S 3.2MP Digital Camera – Silver

Two LEDs next to the optical viewfinder pwntax the camera’s status, such as when focus is set, pentax optio s the flash is charged, etc. Photos in this gallery were shot by Gibbs Frazeur or Stephanie Boozer. Brings back the dual-camera and adds 4K 60p video.

Sony has unveiled a faster, higher-resolution OLED panel for use as an electronic viewfinder. When you’re taking photos, you pentax optio s to wait almost two seconds between being able pentax optio s take shots, which is reasonable for an ultra-compact camera. Search for all the latest photography gear and services in our dedicated photography directories. To pentax optio s left of the Power button on top of the camera, lentax button sets focus and exposure when halfway pressed, and fires the shutter when fully pressed.

Pentax Optio S – Ultra compact. It has a width of a mere 83mm, a height of just 52mm, and a depth of only 20mm excluding protruding partsand is therefore smaller than a conventional pack of cards.

The function is designed to allow for quick shooting parameter changes in variable light conditions. There are tradeoffs that come with that big lens, however.

Digital Cameras – Pentax Optio S Digital Camera Test Images

Voice memo function In order to bring even more enjoyment to the viewing of recorded shots, up to 30 seconds of sound pentaax can be added to images. This button is also configurable via a Setup menu option.

This show shows to pentax optio s small extent the quality of colour accuracy of the Optio S. Novice to experienced amateur. The extreme tonal range of this image makes it a tough shot for many digicams, which is precisely why I set it up pentax optio s pentxx, and why I shoot it with no fill flash or reflector to open the shadows. The Optio S’s super-thin proportions don’t skimp pwntax features, which include a 3. May 24, camera news.

Pentax Optio S – Ultra compact

It’s half the size of the Ixus and the Olympus Mju, cameras that the Optio S is obviously going up against in pentax optio s style factor, whilst it pips them mode to the mark on the style front, both are better when it comes to imaging.

Details are soft throughout the frame, with penrax softness in the top two corners of the frame. Use the OptioS, and you will be both surprised and convinced pentax optio s the quality of the pictures. By using our service, you agree to our use of cookies.

Also, there’s no enlarged display mode available to pentax optio s you in setting focus visually. Despite the color tint, Marti’s skin tone looks pretty good. The Optio S’ optical viewfinder is very tight, showing approximately 70 percent frame accuracy at wide angle, and approximately 73 percent at telephoto.

In shooting hundreds pengax shots, none of us pentax optio s IR ever had any trouble confusing the power switch with the shutter button.

Simple pro lighting pentax optio s use tips let you snap stunning photos. Alternately you can hold the Shutter button down for the duration of the recording.

Skin tones look very good, would really be hard to improve upon, and while rendered a little dark, the always-difficult blue flowers in the bouquet are pretty much on the money in terms of hue.

Handling and controls In a review like this, it’s hard to get across the dimensions of a camera.