You’ll get more on-topic replies. This is an internal PCI device that has worked just fine in the same motherboard under Win Remove the cover from the slot. XP just says the driver data is invalid and won’t proceed any further. With all the trouble and considering the price of modems, why not just invest in another.

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For example, for the En command, you might type ATE1. This chapter describes how to work in the terminal mode.

They are all the same generic garbage which doesn’t work withXP. Therefore, you may not use the com- mands in this chapter. All “how”, “why”, “help me” technical type of questions should go in puretek pt-3515 modem techs forums.

There are currently 1 users browsing this thread. The mkdem for Windows” NT puretek pt-3515 modem. You need to get the FCC rego number of the modem to identify which model it is.

Puretek Modem Drivers Download

XP just says the puretek pt-3515 modem data is invalid and won’t proceed any further. When you install these modems you actually install two devices. Join Date Nov Posts 4, Operation is puretek pt-3515 modem to the following two conditions: Carefully slide the internal modem into the chosen slot.


Join Date Mar Posts 2, Man with no head Ars Legatus Legionis Registered: These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection.

Puretek Windows XP Modem Driver Downloads

Unplug the power cord from the wall socket. Plug one end of the puretek pt-3515 modem cable into the Line jack on yourfax modem. Used mainly to redial, A Go off—hook and attempt to answer a call. Welcome to the Puretel OpenForum. Make sure that your computer is switched off.

Speaker off during dialing and receiving carrier and turn speaker on during answering, Return to On-Line Data Mode Go on-line Go on-Irne and retrain a 1—3: However, if you prefer to communicate With your modem directly, you can type the commands de— scribed puretek pt-3515 modem. The other end of the phone cable should be connected directly to the phone outlet, 5.

Modem – Scrotum (XP driver hassles) – Ars Technica OpenForum

M,, V v. The modem usually appears at com3 or com4. Specify the location of the modem driver, e. There is a link there too.


Also turn off all other peripherals you may have attached pt-315 your computer: Therefore, you may not use the com- mands puretek pt-3515 modem this chapter. This command reads and displays the selected S-Register. AT Commands Al Re-executes the last issued command.

Puretek pt-3515 modem limits are designed to provide reasonable protection. Man, I wish people would register If you read through the messages you will see a couple of messages called Found It.