If the problem does not go away, check your AV device, maybe your cable or satellite box is sending that signal. If this is a TV, see if all the sources are giving you the same problem. Remove the batteries out of the remote for 30 minutes. Go to Picture setting and use features like Sharpness, Saturation, Contrast and Brightness for best viewing experience. If the sticker still feels hard to peel off, repeat STEP 1. If it does not work then it tells you the problem lies with the device. Install the larger plastic ring onto the bottom of the base, and the metallic plate onto the plastic ring.

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Here are the links: Can I use digital sceptre video card for my LCD monitor? Try the source of the video with another TV if possible. Please exchange it with your retailer.

Technical Support

Press the MENU button to see if the menu comes up. Make sure the TV is turned on.

For more information on that you will also need to vdieo your video card technical support. If you are outside sceptre video days of return period please read the following.


Try a new power cord. The HD Channel and Standard usually are on dceptre channel. HDMI is a constantly sceptre video and a cutting-edge technology.

Please check the power cord; make sure it’s tight and secured. Find out what card you have by going into the Display Settings of your Operating System. Please make sure that function is turned on. Please go about sceptre video the TV up again for viewing programs as if it is a brand new TV.

It requires a few more seconds than normal TVs to power up and show the picture. Up-converting can cause this type sceptre video effect.

Welcome to Sceptre Inc.

If the sticker still feels hard to peel off, repeat STEP 1. Refer to page 40 for more information. If there is it sceptre video be the device connected to your current source at fault.

Usually it is either because the TV missed one of the commands or they sceptre video pressed it too slow or the customer held their finger on one button sceptre video long.

So, refer secptre your Cable TV programming guide. Try a new set of cables to see if it makes any difference.

The contrast is too bright, and the text has coloring, what do I do? If the problem does not go away, check your AV device, maybe your cable or satellite box sceptre video sending that signal.


There is also Live Chat from 8: The improvement in audio quality over traditional analog TV is greater than that of sceptre video CD versus a cassette tape.

Welcome to SCEPTRE Inc.

You will need to download the latest driver sceptre video update your card. If you try to change to resolutions above sceptre video, it will not be supported by the TV.

I have multiple displays and sceptrre video card is not displaying in x resolution, what do I do? Please try to hook up the power cord to the different outlet wall. Try a different electric outlet.

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Pixels defects within industry specifications are inherent to this type of product and do not constitute a defective product. Download the newest sceptre video and remove the old driver from the system.

Check sceptre video the video cables are correctly connected.