After the 12 shot sequence was completed, impact tape was placed on the driver face, and testers were asked to hit an additional 5 shots with each shaft so we could observe quality of impact. I can hit the 48 inch driver about 30 yards farther than the 45 incher yards with the 48 incher. Totally agree with complete article. The suggestion as I’ve always interpreted it is that a shorter driver will be more accurate, and because you’re better able to control the club, and find the sweet spot, more often, average total distance could actually increase. Just butt trim and regrip?

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Comments Jon, have you tried choking up on the handle?

A question that still begs to be asked is similar to one we asked about driver size. The first is by Tom Wishon, who is considered by many to be one of the leading authorities on club short shafted golf in the world.

MGS Labs – Is Longer Really Longer?

By shortening the shaft 2 inches you are essentially changing the flex by one. There are already a couple of replies to this same query on the forum posts. These are the kinds of things you find out during a session rather than just gofl TV commercials!

I also found short shafted golf they get better results with a mid- weight shaft instead if a super-light. She was kidding, we think.


Most importantly, they were able to be efficient enough in doing so. Short shafted golf bothered to spread the knowledge much for that. Buddy Evans 6 years ago. Billy Hudson 3 years ago. Another well thought through, well implemented and nicely summarized article and test.

I have a Cobra ZL driver stiff shaft — 55grms that i swing at mph and a new Ping G30LS stiff shart — 65 grms which short shafted golf a slightly safted shaft and I swing it at mph — the Ping goes further and straighter.

The point shoort max swing speed and control was found from that starting point. I’ve tried both gripping ‘normally’ and further down the grip on both and either way, Short shafted golf tend to hit the Callaway better.

Lot of other variable about getting distance. Were the weights adjusted so both length drivers were short shafted golf same swingweight? Thanks for the informative article!

driver head – really short shaft

Remember, longer clubs can only short shafted golf it longer if you are able to swing the longer club as fast and hit it as solid. A shorter driver could be beneficial because short shafted golf is typically easier to hit squarely.

The other issue that tends to cause problems is that I tend to slow the tempo when I choke down on the club. My driver is a Cobra Long Tom at 48 inches. While ball speed and overall distance is accurate, in our experience, actual clubhead speeds are generally slower than what is reported by the software.


Sbafted and Wie will be looking to keep their unconventional script shaftrd as long as they can this week. Folks, this is quite impressive.

Short Shaft for Justin Thomas? It’s a Longshot | Golf Channel

Cutting an inch off the butt short shafted golf, then re-gripping, will not significantly change the flex of the shaft.

I do notice being in the fairway more at 1. The shorter shaft only resulted in me losing about 1 — 1.

But I’m also aware that short shafted golf the only way now that they can advertise more distance and more most distance is what it’s all about. This is about BUTT trimming the shaft. It is a little too short shafted golf. In other words, Too many times, even shaftwd we order some available custom specs from the mfg. They tested drivers with