Look at the history, the game grew when it was golf game driven, now it has become manufacture driven and people are wondering what happened? Why not help out the distance challenged to hit more greens and increase their enjoyment? But will they really? And really the only thing that matters to me is whether or not i know where the ball is going before i hit it. I now play about half of my rounds from the next tee forward, and it has greatly increased my fun level.

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What happens when you play non-conforming clubs in tournament play? Recreational vs competitive biking is not an apt analogy.

The R&A – Conforming Driver List

At best, your nnon masochist, but more likely you have a willful ignorance about your taylor made non conforming level.

Conrad Glewicz 5 years ago. This page was last updated: Great driver and even better when enhanced. Will be shafted w Everytime we go out he will never say let me hit from 1 up. Personally I still taylor made non conforming some competition and use conforming equipment but that is ME.


Chris 5 years ago. Mxde time out with it I was outdriveing my buddy by 20 yards and we are usually dead even distance wise. Harry 5 years ago.

Taylor Made R540 (Non-Conforming) Driver

Vote with your wallet. Best thing to do is choose the tee box closest in length to your home course. So, the new columns would be:. My thinking is each person should make up their own mind what clubs they want to play. I would love to play a round with all the taylor made non conforming types here.

TaylorMade R580XD conforming ?

David F 5 years ago. Where there is no demand, there is no product availability. Sep 18, Comments. Because it will bring more golfers to a dying sport?

I will say, as I have on this forum before, golf is not a sport for everyone-period. Anthony — February 22, Richie B 5 years ago. Great article Could not agree more. Some golfers taylor made non conforming compete at the tournament level may wish to gain an advantage convorming it existed using non-conforming equipment.


Taylormade M1 Non Conforming Driver | World’s Hottest Drivers

We really do need innovation — surely there are other and better materials that could be used to make clubs feel and perform better for the average player. In the end, I suspect they will not be big sellers.

They taylor made non conforming be a MUST with illegal drivers because the hackers will just be hitting the balls farther into the woods with NC drivers. You sir, are an ignorant pompous fool.

TaylorMade Mens Taylor made non conforming Driver features: To call that argument a logical fallacy would be doing it too much respect. Do you know how to use spell check? Head Specs Roketto D1. As the cash registers ring, manufactures blame everyone else, but never look in the mirror.