Registered in England No. Connected it up to a COM port inside the panel and the phone app and wintex connection sprang in to life. I need to have a look at the app. This adaptor, when used in conjunction with Premier Elite V3. First thing was to see what the serial connection is actually doing, and establish what the parameters for the serial connection are. For true remote access the app can set up tracking of your house IP. Log in or Sign up.

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Texecom wintex finally got the app to work, to some extend. Serg 8 Jul Your name or email address: Yes, my password is: Do you already have an account?

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This adaptor, when used in conjunction with Premier Elite V3. John Do you have the Lantronix Module? Texecom wintex, create an account now.

However this still costs more than the panel did which seems a texecom wintex much for such a tiny device: I think texecom wintex is the main difference between the genuine article and the DIY approach using ser2net. Thanks for your info — Winhex have managed to get sim working and I have a raspberry pi connected winteex a pl adapter and ser2net — wintex is texeccom and texecom app on the ipad.


I am texecom wintex missing some magic sequence of CR LF etc to get the panel to send…. Thanks for your reply. After about 5 min it looks like the panel does a soft-reset. Dont see any problems there, the red dot against output 1 on your expander just means texecom wintex output is active.

Texecom COM-IP controller – DIY and cheap too! – Universal Discovery Methodology

I ran this whilst connecting to the panel texecom wintex Wintex. Click on the [Sessions] menu item and select the [New] menu item.

It doesnt get the gateway for some reason …. Numerous other retailers have it for the texecom wintex price although there are some second hand deals texecom wintex ebay which are a bit better. Then I have installed ser2net like so: Can you see any errors in the syslog on the pi?

Texecom premier 48 alarm wintex config

It is working perfectly with wintex software, but the iOS app is a bit hit and miss. How have you used ComIP for remote signalling before? If texecom wintex are using a DIY interface, perhaps try a different serial converter? It provides an Ethernet texecom wintex from the panel, which allows you to configure the panel over the network rather than having to connect directly to the panel.

Why not try DIYnot. When you say you can read but not write, what is happening in Wintex? Well I have progressed…. Texecom Premier Elite – alarm triggered immediately if exit interrupted kevinherring21 Julin forum: Texecom wintex you wanted more security at an IP texwcom, could you perhaps use some rules on a firewall to control texecom wintex to ports?


Share This Page Tweet. However if you were able to add texecom wintex external security to control port access as above I am sure it would work across the Internet. Texbase is an alarm management software package designed for use in conjunction with the Premier Elite Com IP and Montex software, ideally suited to installers who wish to individually monitor their installed security texecm for specific alarm signals.

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Texecom Wintex

Texecom wintex you hace any suggestion to makethus remote connection safe??? I believe that this functions in exactly the same way as the real one and so long as the internet connection is set up properly you can get wjntex it remotely. Texecom Premier Elite 48 – alarm not texecom wintex when set to an area NigelCollins25 Sepin forum: