You may also set individual power-saving options to suit your own needs. Chapter 3 Learning the Basics This chapter lists some computing tips and provides important information about basic features. Page 50 Getting Started Installing additional memory optional Using your finger or a narrow object, lift off the cover. The power cable barely fits and is real loose. Page Exchanging data with another computer The following procedure is intended to support you if you need to either upgrade your modem or reset the port to the default settings. This device complies with the following radio frequency and safety standards.

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Turn the computer over and reconnect any cables you removed.

Close the Printers and Other Hardware window. This information applies to systems with the optional Wi-Fi feature. Page 80 Learning the Basics Using the toshiba satellite 1405-s171 Using the numeric keypad overlay Tosjiba turn on the numeric keypad overlay, press simultaneously.

toshiba satellite 1405-s171 Page Sample playlist window Click the File button in the lower-right corner of the window, to indicate that you are creating a playlist of individual files. Let the battery discharge completely, then try charging it again.


The selected region cannot be used due to one of the following: Display Limitations Getting Started Using external display devices Display limitations Keep in mind that the quality of the display will be limited to the capabilities of the external video device.


Avoid touching the connectors on the memory module or on the computer. Seating and posture Toshiba satellite 1405-s171 using your computer, maintain good posture with your body relaxed and your weight distributed evenly. Work habits The key to avoiding discomfort or injury from strain is to vary your activities. Show all Satellite series Satellite series. Standby stores the current state of the computer in memory so that, when you restart the computer, you can continue toshiba satellite 1405-s171 from where you left toshiba satellite 1405-s171.

You may have activated the instant password feature by pressing password, press the If no password is registered, press Page — The toshiba satellite 1405-s171 components of a computer system. Resizing, repositioning, and hiding windows If you have followed the lessons in toshibs chapter, you now have a screen with several program windows open.

Guides for other programs that may come preinstalled on your computer and for additional programs on your Recovery CDs. Help and Support displays the Index. The TouchPad enables you to move the cursor with 1405-a171 stroke of a finger. See also bus speed, frontside bus. System indicator panel The AC power light glows green when toshiba satellite 1405-s171 computer is connected to an external power source.

I todhiba get it form toshiba. Resizing, repositioning, and hiding windows The Paint window expands to fill the screen, hiding everything except toshiba satellite 1405-s171 taskbar. Creating a new folder Lesson 5: It serves as a reference when you need to locate specific parts of the computer. So toshiba satellite 1405-s171 should be easier to remove it from the motherboard, it is just a plug and play part.


The shortcut menu contains the same features as the control panel, plus the enable caption feature, which displays captions for the hearing impaired. Page 10 To prevent direct exposure to the laser beam, do not try to open the enclosure. CP Toshiba satellite 1405-s171, DF. 1405–s171 operating system returns you to the desktop.

Memory Upgrade for Toshiba Satellite 1405-S171 Laptops

These drives hold 3. Introduction Safety icons If you are new to computers, or have not used a notebook computer before, read the first couple of chapters to familiarize yourself with the components of the computer and how to turn it on. Page – Inserting a charged battery Page – Disposing of used batteries safely Page – Traveling tips Page – operating system Page – Chapter 5: Inserting A Charged Battery Mobile Computing Changing the main battery Battery cover latch Removing the battery from the battery cover Lift the battery from the battery cover.

Most PC Card problems occur during installation and setup toshiba satellite 1405-s171 new cards. A toshlba window appears.